Hidden Pages

Some rarely used features of Moira are hidden on pages that are not linked from anywhere. This is a deliberate design decision to reduce visual clutter in the main UI.

You need to type an address of a hidden page manually, like this: http://moira.example.com/#/hidden_page/.


If Moira encounters an error while sending a notification, it will try again every minute for the next 24 hours. After that period, the notification is considered lost. You can configure this via resending_timeout parameter.

In some cases notifications will never be delivered, for example if a user specifies invalid contact.

If you need to interrupt this behavior, you can manually delete failing notifications at /#/notifications/.


Deleting a tag is a rare and dangerous operation, but you still can do it at /#/tags/.

Tags list shows how many triggers and subscriptions use a tag.

You can not delete a tag if there is at least one trigger that uses it. You can delete a tag that is used in a subscription. Also, you can delete subscriptions of any user for a tag from this page.